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Evolve or Die: Lessons for World-Class Innovation & Creativity

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    Assuming you're someone interested in learning and improving— and making a difference— this book was written with you in mind. Whether you're at the top of the corporate pyramid, or somewhere nearer the base. Whether you're a stay-at-home parent coordinating the endless duties of the family, or an…
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Assuming you’re someone interested in learning and improving— and making a difference— this book was written with you in mind. Whether you’re at the top of the corporate pyramid, or somewhere nearer the base. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent coordinating the endless duties of the family, or an entrepreneur orchestrating a finite amount of time and resources – you’re working to make a difference. And yes, your work and what you do matters. The book contains a culmination of experiences, thoughts, and learning— much of it from world-class innovators and creators. Every single story is true. And every story has relevance to you. Some common themes will emerge from these stories. Hard work, persistence, courage. Luck is sometimes present. Often, things were learned the hard way. And, as is the case whenever there are innovators and creators involved, there’s also a fair amount of love running rampant through the stories.

Evidently, rampant is how love likes to run—especially when it’s heading toward a goal and vision. Perhaps most important, you’ll see that every one of these luminaries are made—not born. The title “Evolve or Die” is somewhat blunt, and it is an exaggeration. But my belief is that it’s closer to the truth than many people realize. And it’s my genuine hope that this book and the stories within on innovating and creating are of real interest and benefit to you. It might seem trite to write this, but (in reference to Henry David Thoreau) you weren’t meant to settle for a life of quiet desperation. You’ll need to innovate and create. It’s better to learn from the champions, practice like your life depended on it (to an extent it does), and come out strong and punching above your weight (because you can). You’ve got a lot to offer this world. We all do.

I’m in your corner, offering guidance and cheering for you. Get in the ring, come out swinging, and fight the good fight. I invite you to visit and download the free, 52-page, color manifesto titled The Call to Innovate: Myths, Best Practices and Achieving Your Rightful Place. PRAISE FOR “EVOLVE OR DIE” Evolve or Die can help provide is at once inspiring, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Tom Triumph combines key business insights with his unique narrative style.

The result is a must-read for every business executive.” — Kartik Hosanagar, Professor at The Wharton School “Tom shares some simple, actionable advice for all of us on cultivating our superpowers. Read through a series of readable (and sometimes hilarious) stories to change your approach to personal and professional growth, innovation, and the future of work.” — Dave Blakely, Partner, Mach49 “Tom Triumph has artfully captured many of the key lessons in the creative process as he shares real-world stories and experiences across the breadth of science, business, and art and provides simple models to make this all actionable. In a world of increasing complexity, this book is a perfect reminder for anyone looking to push their own limits and explore their untapped potential.” — Andy Walshe, Performance Manager, Red Bull Stratos, program designer for the US Olympic ski and snowboard teams “The energy in Evolve or Die is the energy of someone who’s lived life fully and has not lost that glimmer of ‘what is possible’ in individuals.

Tom takes that energy and gives readers tools and insights in the manner of sitting down over a cup of joe and going over ‘the important stuff.” The stuff that matters. Why? Because as you’ll discover, YOU matter, more than you possibly know. And this book will help you dial in on that special thing that’s you.” — David Brier, Chief Gravity Defyer, DBD International “Tom’s insightful, enthusiastic, positive, and practical outlook on life is reflected in this book, along with his indefatigable message to keep moving forward to become better each day.” — Livingston L. Holder, Jr., cofounder Holder Aerospace, USAF astronaut

The advent of science and technology has brought many benefits to mankind including the opportunity to develop a world-class innovation and creativity. However, we live in a world where there is some skepticism when it comes to the power of innovative ideas and creativity. We are faced with many barriers that hinder creativity and innovation.

Innovation and creativity are a key component of our society and life. It is something that takes place within the mind and the soul. This is why we see creative artists, inventors, inventors who create new things and of course entrepreneurs who create products that people need.

Creative minds can come up with an idea that solves a problem and creates a solution that makes a huge difference. But the most significant thing is that a creative mind thinks outside the box and without limitations. That is what the creation of new and better products is all about.

Now let us move on to the different aspects of innovation and making a difference. Innovation and creativity do not only involve the thought process but it also involves the ways in which the brain acts on the moment. That is why a creative person always strives to be in front of the problems that he or she faced. This is where brainstorming and project evaluation come into play.

In creativity and innovation make a difference there should be focus and where the outcome of a creative project evaluation should happen. This is a part of the way to inspire people to get inspired and make a difference. Today’s world where there is lots of competition for markets, businesses and resources creates a strong challenge for creative and innovative people to act creatively and innovate to create and help make a difference.

People who have experienced a failure will need help and support to face the challenges. This is the one thing that can inspire them to get inspired and create the same outcome. There are many mentors who will offer their valuable advice and skills to the person who is willing to undergo the process of creativity and innovation. They will help the person to have an insight into the topic, to make the same result and to inspire the person to continue making a difference.

The power of creativity and innovation in a business can bring new job opportunities, new markets and new innovations to a product or service. With the global market becomes competitive, this is one of the ways of making a difference. This is what these creative and innovative people strive for. Their business owners will follow what they are doing and help them achieve the goal.

Innovation and creativity do not only involve the person or the group of people but the whole society. Therefore, it is important that we share the benefits that we can get from innovative and creative minds. We all have the chance to make a difference by being in front of the problems and creating the solution. This is the main focus of the best way to inspire people.